Artist Innovation Series
by Cooperman Drum Company

The frame drum is one of the most ancient instruments, with archaeological evidence from the Middle East dating back 5,000 years. Women are represented as the primary frame drum players in approximately 75% of these artifacts. Reaching from China, India, and the Arab sphere to both shores of the western Mediterranean, for untold generations women continue to gather for companionship, to celebrate rites of passage, and to weave, sing, tell stories and dance to the accompaniment of frame drums. The frame drum has traveled from the Middle East to become rooted in diverse cultures worldwide.

One family of frame drums particularly associated with women is found throughout Iran, Azerbaijan and Central Asia. In addition to the sound of the membrane, small single rings attached around the interior of the frame add another dimension, most likely related to sifting grain. In Iran this type of frame drum is known generally as 'dayereh' or 'daryeh', while in Uzbekistan the accent shifts to 'doyra'. All of these names are variations of the Arabic word for 'circle', and in other areas, these same terms refer to different types of frame drums.

Rowan Storm's first signature frame drum built by Cooperman is a modernized version of the traditional Iranian dayereh, whose wooden frame is thick and heavy to avoid warping. In contrast, Rowan's frame design features a narrow wall and shallower depth, made structurally stabile with Cooperman's Maple wood laminations. The short frame height enables Rowan's pioneering symmetrical playing position, enhancing creative expression while promoting balance between both hands and also both brain hemispheres.

The Rowan Storm Dayereh combines Cooperman's patented tuning system and exquisite, hand-crafted artistry with Rowan's attention to detail. The result is a streamlined, lightweight, well-balanced, musical frame drum for connoisseurs. While easily accessible for beginners, an infinite range of expression is available for more advanced and professional players.

Specifications of the Rowan Storm Dayereh by Cooperman:

~ Frame drum diameter: 13.75 inches (34.93 cm)
~ Frame height: 1.75 inch (4.44 cm)
~ Frame width: .5 inch (1.27 cm)
~ Frame material: laminations of Maple wood
~ Membrane: two options, goatskin and Remo's synthetic Renaissance
~ Comes with tuning wrench and carrying case

the Rowan Storm Dayereh
Artist Innovation Series
by Cooperman Drum Company